Buntiversum           the distinct gallery

Gaby Bühler, 22 Stanton, Morant Bay, St. Thomas, Jamaica, W.I.,
+1 (876) 810-1482




Inspirations ... I am getting... during vacations too

Born 1962 in Toggenburg – Bütschwil, Switzerland.
After graduation of an apprenticeship to a business employee I was working as a secretary in Zurich for about 5 years. My favourite hobby at that time was pottery. Clay is a fascinating material for me.
1987 my boyfriend and I migrated to Jamaica where we married. At the Morant Bay Highschool I took a few painting lessons from the arts teacher Mr Coates.
Finally I reached the stage where I was able to paint faces that could be recognized as who they were.
During the first couple years I used crayons and water colours.
1995 I moved to Fairy Hill where I opened a gallery: Zion Hill Gallery.
1996 I got a job as a Tourguide with Caribic Vacations. However I continued to paint for my hobby. Weekly exhibitions at Dragon Bay Hotel proved to be very successful. I have sold the entire artwork I produced during these years to international clients, some of whom were prominent, e.g. Jessy of Tic Tac Toe, Moon Sun Blue Lagoon JA and many more.

In 2003 (after 16 years) we moved back to Switzerland for economical and family reasons. My painting activities paused for about one year.Then I picked up the hobby again, but now I used more colours. As colours are not abundant in Switzerland especially not during the winter months, I decided to create my "colourful country" in my mind. This country is a place to dream, to regain energy and to have positive thoughts. Thus out of the colourful country there grew Buntiversum, a new dimension.

This is a dimension for everybody who loves colours like me. Life without colour would be like the Sea without salt.
In Switzerland I had several successful exhibitions.